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When weddings is the only time to meet your high school / university friends

You know how our Abah and Mak (father and mother) these days meet their friends at weddings. That’s when they’ll say “Eh… lamanya tak jumpa… time anak-anak kita  kahwin je baru dapat jumpa!!”

Now I know how that feels like.

Case in point. My university mate Zeck’s wedding held earlier at the awesome Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC).

I was just telling Feeza that we’ve not met each other (the group) for such a long time and weddings are like the only time for our mini reunion! Even so, not many make could make to the wedding just now. *sob* *sob*

So at Zeck and Natasha’s wedding earlier, glad to have met Feeza, Jojo and Aaron. As usual, in this social media age, we just got to selfie!

Some pics!