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#My2013 featuring @izamryan @imceddy @fuadmisbah

Previously I’ve posted the #My2013 webisode featuring @miisky.

Now check out the follow three videos featuring @FuadMisbah, @IMCeddy and @IzamRyan as they share some inspiring lessons from 2013 and how their 2014 is gonna be awesome!

Check it out!

More videos coming soon!

Check out and my YouTube page.


The #My2013 #GoogleHangout webisode is now online!

After weeks in the making (*Chewahhhh*), the #My2013 #GoogleHangout webisodes is now available. Today marks the debut with the webisode with @miiksy. There are 6 more webisode to be uploaded, one for each day until the 30th!

Google Hangout Collage

I’m really excited about it as I’ve personally learned a lot from my panelist. It’s always refreshing to get new perspective on life.

The webisode is a short clip with the panelist answering the following questions….

1) Lessons I’ve learned in 2013

2) 2013: Fixed or growth year for me?

3) 2014 is gonna be awesome…

Check out @miiksy’s answers (and she’s only in her early twenties!)

TRAILER: #My2013 Google Hangout with

I love doing the special year-ender for my blog We’ve done different themes each year, so for 2013 I decided to do a Google Hangout! I invited  my friends, specifically those who are familiar with @motivationMY and have shared some #dailyMOJO!

We talked about the lessons we’ve learned in 2013, whether we’ve stepped out of our comfort zone and how our 2014 is gonna be awesome!

Full webisodes will be uploaded towards the end of 2013 but here’s a trailer. (Spent a few hours doing it and kinda proud with the outcome!!)



The awesome Google Hangout!

Had so much fun during motivationMY‘s Google Hangout – we talked about the lessons we’ve learned in 2013 and how our 2014 is going to be awesome!

I will listen to the conversation again and cut the best sound bites and upload it to! Do bear with me and give me a few days to do that!

The post-Hangout session was just as fun. Too bad it wasn’t recorded! Gosh, I should have recorded it. We were just being ourselves and LOL-ing and some things.

Here’s a photo:

I think Google Hangout is such an amazing platform, allowing all of us to be chatting with our video cams. Izam was based in London, while Aylea and Eyra were based in Brunei.

At the end of the day, it’s good to get feedback from each other and getting fresh perspectives on things. Hmmm… perhaps I should do more Google Hangout in 2014 for

Google Hangout: What are some of the lessons you’ve learned/relearned in 2013?

I’m so excited that (my other blog) is hosting a Google Hangout just to recap our year. It’s a conversation on what we’ve learned or relearned this year. Also, looking ahead, What’s Next for 2014. 

Can I just say here that Google Hangout is like one of the best innovation? I mean, we will be just chatting from our home (or fave cafe) and we have two tweeps from Brunei joining! How awesome!

London-based Izam Ryan will be co-moderating this event with me and I will upload the videos in batches towards the end of 2013!

My latest tweet:

Instagram to host mystery event

Instagram Logo

Instagram will be hosting a ‘mystery event’ and could it possibly about introducing new features to the ever-popular photo sharing App? Instagram sent a physical invitation to the event through FedEx to members of the press in the US to “Share a moment with (Instagram CEO) Kevin Systrom and the Instagram team.”

Lance Ulanoff from Mashable speculates that the photo-sharing App will introduce Instagram Chats, a more enhanced captioning tools and more. Visit Mashable as they live-tweet from the event. [Mashable]


The social media experiment that may scare you

They might know your name.
They might know your favourite food.
They might know why you went to a particular restaurant.
They might even know where you work.

Think about it.

We share all sorts of personal information on our social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. By allowing to share our location, strangers nearby may know a lot about us!

Watch this video as comedian and prankster Jack Vale approach strangers while revealing some details about them he found from their social media platforms.