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“One of the mos…

“One of the most difficult things is not to change society – but to change yourself.” -Nelson Mandela


A Love Letter To A Creative Project

It’s like a love-hate relationship. One side of me, I want to hold on to it. The other side of told me to let it go. After much thought and reflection, I’ve decided to let go of the blogging platform of motivationMY.

But this is not a goodbye because motivationMY will still exist via

Twitter: @motivationMY

Instagram: @motivationMY

Facebook Page:

It was born from Twitter, most interactions happen there and it’s about time I realise it should forever be a microblogging movement, instead of a blogging platform.

Honestly speaking, the blog has not been moving as fast as I wanted it to be. Plus as a blogger,  I don’t think I am able to write reflection post all the time. I’m too impatient to write about “How to be patient” or “How to live in the moment”.

I love these microblogging platforms.

As for blogging, I love writing random stuff. Just like this one.

I’m more comfortable blogging here. It’s more…. ME.