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The “Adalah….” conversation

It was just an ordinary Monday when I was with my Mum at AEON Big, flipping through the papers and enjoying my Iced Lemon Tea. Then came a lady whom I thought was looking for donations until she introduced herself as an insurance agent. 

Thinking that she wanted to ‘target’ my Mum, she immediately asked about me. 

Insurance Agent: (To my mum) Is he your son?

Mum: Yes.

Insurance Agent: How old are you?

Me: 27 (I knew where this conversation is heading)

Insurance Agent: Are you working?

Me: (Annoyed) Yes.

Insurance Agent: Where are you working at?


Insurance Agent: Adalah…

She went on and on about the insurance and how it could be also savings to perform the Umrah and Hajj. I know she has great intentions but I… for one, already have an insurance and two, I’m just not that interested.

I just want to read the papers and enjoy my drink. That’s it. 

She wasn’t so friendly towards the end when she could see that both of us are not interested. I was expecting her to go talk to the family next to our table. She just left the place. Just like that. 


When weddings is the only time to meet your high school / university friends

You know how our Abah and Mak (father and mother) these days meet their friends at weddings. That’s when they’ll say “Eh… lamanya tak jumpa… time anak-anak kita  kahwin je baru dapat jumpa!!”

Now I know how that feels like.

Case in point. My university mate Zeck’s wedding held earlier at the awesome Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC).

I was just telling Feeza that we’ve not met each other (the group) for such a long time and weddings are like the only time for our mini reunion! Even so, not many make could make to the wedding just now. *sob* *sob*

So at Zeck and Natasha’s wedding earlier, glad to have met Feeza, Jojo and Aaron. As usual, in this social media age, we just got to selfie!

Some pics!