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Friday’s DIY Project: Baking cupcakes

Mum and I went to our cousin’s place to bake cupcakes with her kids. At first we were contemplating whether to go on with this DIY project but I told my mum that it’s not just about cupcakes (otherwise we could just buy some at the mall) but it’s about the process and making cupcakes from scratch… and playing with the dough and icing… and making a whole lot of mess in the kitchen!

It’s the school holidays – kids just want to have fun. Their uncle wants to have fun, too!

Some videos and photos from my Instagram:


Tea Time at Wondermilk Publika

So, I’m sure you’ve been to Wondermilk Publika. Pardon me, but I’m a bit jakun. I’m sure I’ve tasted their wonderful cupcakes at some events but I’ve never been to their cafe. So after an event, I went to Wondermilk Publika for some of their cupcakes.

Wondermilk 1

Indeed their cupcakes are yummy!

Wondermilk 2

We were short of cash and wanted to use our Visa Debitcard but RM50 was the minimum amount for card transactions so I ordered this as well: The baked potato with cheese and chicken.

I love the unique decor. It has a homey and cozy feel.

Gosh, the people behind Wondermilk are geniuses!

LIFESTYLE / Tonight’s Dinner @ Harrods Suria KLCC

Contrary to the title, it’s not actually tonight’s dinner (or depending on when you read the blog). This is actually a backdated post. May 16th to be exact. My birthday to be more precise. So I’ve been telling my Mum and Brother that I want to celebrate my birthday at Harrods. You know? A family dinner at Harrods. I’ve been to the Harrods Cafe located at the Ground Floor but I want to try their rather upscale restaurant on the 1st floor, opposite Ben’s.

Please don’t get me wrong thinking that I love fancy food all the time… but it’s Harrods and it’s my birthday. Let’s make the evening more special eh? So the four of us (my mum, my brother, my cousin and myself) arrived at around 8pm and we all ordered different things. I didn’t get to snap my brother’s food and mum’s food. They don’t like people snapping their food. LOL.

This is what my cousin ate:

harrods 2

Beef sandwich. Ok, I don’t know the EXACT name… but yeah. Portion was huge for my cousin so I think it was her breakfast the next day.

harrods 1

Mine: Chicken breast with fettuccine.

The food was alright… I’ve tasted better food but considering that it’s fine dining and Harrods… who am I to say that the food is not good?

But I love the coziness and quietness of the restaurant. When we were there, there were two other groups in the restaurant having their dinner. The staff were attentive and friendly.

At the end of the night, my cousin and I took a ‘selfie’ at the Harrods Balcony:

harrods 3

LIFESTYLE / Tonight’s Dinner at U Cafe, Wangsa Walk

Another round of dinner at U Cafe Wangsa Walk.

Since today is the day before my birthday, I thought I wanted to indulge on some nasi lemak (you know, pre-birthday dinner). But unfortunately they didn’t have nasi lemak tonight so I’m left with this:

U Cafe 2

This is their chicken club sandwich. Something very simple for the night.

The reason why we went to the U Cafe was because Mum wanted to take advantage of their dinner promotion.

Ikan siakap for RM28 (original price at RM55). Now that’s a great bargain eh?

I thought it was just going to be a small fish but look at this:

U Cafe 1

My mum couldn’t possibly finish the whole fish all by herself so my brother and I helped out.

It’s sweet and sour, and was quite spicy. Mum wanted to pull a diva and scold the waitress as she requested for it not to be spicy.

“It’s ok… calm down. Please don’t scold her. It’s gonna be embarrassing,” I told her.

Anyway, she kinda scolded her anyway.

U Cafe 3

On a separate note, I went to U Cafe last week and I tried their Deep fried chicken with Thai Sauce as part of their lunch promotion (RM13.90++)

Worth a try.


U Cafe, Wangsa Walk Mall (GL-08), Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur 53300, Malaysia

LIFESTYLE / Today’s Lunch @ Ben’s Suria KLCC

Met my friend Isaac at Suria KLCC for lunch…

Reached there around 2.05pm and we decided to go the 4th floor for lunch. Funny. After going round half of Suria KLCC’s upper most level, we didn’t know what to eat.

Western? Asian?

Madam Kwan’s? Little Penang Cafe? Bumbu Desa?

We were still undecided but one thing we could agree is having desserts.

“But what about our main course,” I asked.

We decided to go to Ben’s. Finally!

Oh, we decided to have something light since we couldn’t wait to adjourn for dessert.

What we had at Ben’s

bens 2

Isaac ordered the Nacho Libre.

bens 1

I ordered the Balsamic Chicken Salad.

Surprise, surprise. Me and veggies?? For real?

Well, I finished the chicken faster than the greens. How about that?

All in all… a simple lunch.

Come back for the next post… for our desserts!


Ben’s,  First Level Suria KLCC, Opposite Harrod’s. Tel: 03-2163-1655