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Lessons from a bumpy ride in this journey called life

To be honest, I’ve been quite moody for the past few days. Having to deal with the tenant at my Mum’s apartment is just too much. It’s not that easy to chase someone out and she’s the type that has the potential to give us a VERY tough time. It’s just been hard and I’ve been thinking of 1001 ways to deal with this difficult situation.

I’ve talked to some people about this and it’s great to get some feedback and their perspective. It’s also good to know some have gone through a similar situation and their advice is just priceless.

This is like God’s test for me and my family. I know He will will give us some ways to resolve this and some strength to go along with it.

The more I connect with people the more I realise each one of us are going through something. It could be having a small fight with our brothers or sisters. It could be about having trouble at the office.  It could be about losing our passion for success and temporarily ditching our dreams.

Such situations will teach us more about life. More about us. More about other people.

As I navigate through this difficult journey, I always ask God for strength and some tips on how best should I handle this situation and handle the tenant.

Wish me luck!