The “Adalah….” conversation

It was just an ordinary Monday when I was with my Mum at AEON Big, flipping through the papers and enjoying my Iced Lemon Tea. Then came a lady whom I thought was looking for donations until she introduced herself as an insurance agent. 

Thinking that she wanted to ‘target’ my Mum, she immediately asked about me. 

Insurance Agent: (To my mum) Is he your son?

Mum: Yes.

Insurance Agent: How old are you?

Me: 27 (I knew where this conversation is heading)

Insurance Agent: Are you working?

Me: (Annoyed) Yes.

Insurance Agent: Where are you working at?


Insurance Agent: Adalah…

She went on and on about the insurance and how it could be also savings to perform the Umrah and Hajj. I know she has great intentions but I… for one, already have an insurance and two, I’m just not that interested.

I just want to read the papers and enjoy my drink. That’s it. 

She wasn’t so friendly towards the end when she could see that both of us are not interested. I was expecting her to go talk to the family next to our table. She just left the place. Just like that. 


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